Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Latest channel list as of 16/06/2009:

Afghanistan (1): VOA Pash Ashna TV.

Algeria (4): Alger TV, Constantine TV, Oran TV, Ouargla TV.

Argentina (3): Canal 6, Canal 7, Canal 13.

Azerbaijan (2): Aztv, Lider TV.

Brazil (23): AgroCanal, allTV, Band RS, Cambury, Canal DTV, Cancao Nova, CATVE, DM TV, JustTV, Novo Canal, PARANA Educativa, Rede Brazil, Rede Mundial, TV Bahamas, TV Cafe e Revista, TV Camara, TV Cultura, TV Fortaleza, TV Jangadeiro, TV Jornet, TV Skype, TV Uniao, TV Viana.

Brunei Darussalam (1): RTB.

Bulgaria (2): Bagri TV, Gypsy TV.

Canada (1): Canal Savoir.

Chile (6): Canal 13, Canal 13 Cable, CDTV, Senado, TV Colo Colo, VTV2.

China (5): CCTV 4, LSTV-1, LSTV-2, LSTV-3, NTD-TV, XDKT.

Colombia (1): Canal 23.

Czech Republic (1): btv.

Denmark (1): The Voice.

Dominican Republic (4): Ame 47 TV, Digital 15, Telemicro, Vegateve.

Egypt (5): Nile News, Nile TV, Sat7, Sat7 Kids, Sat7 Pars.

El Salvador (1): Agape TV.

France (6): ACI, France 24, LCI, MBOA TV, TLM, TV8 Moselle-Est.

Georgia (1): Rustavi 2.

Greece (4): Aheloos TV, Ellada TV, Sport TV, Thraki Net.

Honduras (3): Maya TV, TeleProgreso, TeleRed 21.

Hungary (4): Full Arts S4, Full Arts TV, Szupernet Feher, Szupernet Zold.

India (1): IBN Lokmat.

Iran (11): Al Alam, Al Kawthar TV, Amouzesh, Irib 1, Irib 4, Irib 5, Irinn, Jaam-e-Jam 1, Jaam-e-Jam 2, Jaam-e-Jam 3, Sahar TV.

Iraq (6): Al Salam TV, Al Sharqiya TV, KBSV TV, Kurdistan TV, Turkmeneli TV, Zagros TV.

Ireland (1): P5TV.

Israel (2): Hidabroot, Knesset TV.

Italy (19): Arcoiris TV, Kiss TV, PNBox TV, Primocanale, Radio Napoli Emme, Retesole Perugia, RMK TV, RTL 102.5 TV, RTV 38, SAT 2000, Studio 100 Sat, Super TV, Tele 90, Tele1, TeleRadioerre, TELERAMA, Teleregione, Teleromagna, TRS.

Japan (2): NHK World, Seebit TV.

Korea (2): MBN, YTN.

Latvia (1): Euros TV.

Mali (1): ORTM.

Malta (1): One TV.

Mexico (3): Aguascalientes TV, Canal 44, Hidalgo TV.

Morocco (1): TV Sahara.

Nicaragua (1): Canal 2.

Pakistan (3): Dawn News, Hadi TV, Quran Urdu TV.

Philippines (2): Net 25, UNTV.

Poland (4): Dami, Toya, Trwam, WTK.

Romania (1): Credo TV.

Russia (3): MIR TV, MusicBox Russia, RTR Planeta.

Slovakia (1): TA3.

South Africa (1): SABC News International.

Spain (16): Canal Parlamentario, Canal Vasco, Cervantes TV, Cetelmon TV, Ejido TV, El Independiente, Estrada TV, IB Sat, Intereconomia TV, RT Insular, Teletaxi TV, Torrevieja TV, TV Almansa, TV Canaria, TV Estepona, TVVi.

Sri Lanka (2): Rupavahini, Swarnavahini.

Thailand (10): ASTV News1, Channel 7, DMC, MVTV Bangkok Today, MVTV Hit Station, MVTV Mix, MVTV Star Channel, MVTV Variety Channel, National Channel, TV9.

Trinidad & Tobago (1): WinTV.

Turkey (25): 24 TV, 6 News, Akilli TV, Belgesel TV, Cem TV, Cine5, Expo Channel, GTV, Haberturk, Hilal TV, Kanal 1, Kanal B, Mehtap TV, NTV, Olay TV, Powerturk TV, Show Turk, Show TV, TJK TV, Umut FM - Cizgi Film TV.

Ukraine (5): 5 TV, Glas TV, UBC, UTR Europe, UTR USA.


    DCT LİNK http://www.airporttv.tv/canliyayin.php


  2. Love the app...

    please add more Arabic stations.. you can find feeds at www.livestation.com or at www.3arabtv.net


  3. Amazing app!!!

    i use now version 1.1. But get still only 33 Channels is it normal?

    also from Spain Channel "La Otra" is not Working.

    Here are some more Channels, if they can be ADD:

    Cybertika TV
    Antena 3

  4. Hi lisapower,

    That's not normal that u get 33 channels. Try removing and then reinstalling the app.
    Channel servers go dead and start working time to time. If La Otra keeps looking dead for a long time I'll remove it from the list.
    Let me see if the channels you request supported by netTV.

  5. Hi, i have only 15-20 channels, hwere I can get they 190?


  6. Hi yesildagli,

    All the channels come with v1.1. If you have installed updated from v1.0 you might need to reinstall v1.1.

  7. hi, Boss & thanks for the Answer.

    But my problem still exist, I have only 33 Channels, after trying various times Removing & Reinstalling.

    Other People have same Problem.

    anyway Thanks,

    ps: i have a iphone 3G 2.2.1

  8. lisapower,

    Could you tell me what it says when you click on the info button on top-right of the netTV's main screen? Is there a version number?

  9. OK, i had a old version, The New one v1.1 works like a charm.

    Thanks for this Great App.

    I Love It.

    Keep the good Work going on.


  10. Hi! again Mr. Boss

    I Like the App to the Max!!!!

    I have found out, that those Channels from Spain, don't Work:

    Estrada TV
    La Otra
    Canal Parlamentario
    El Independiente

    so i think you can remove them from the App.
    Can you ADD this Channels to your App?, Those are Fix Streams. that would be very nice from you. here is the List i have the Streams from this
    Site: http://www.freeetv.com/

    Spain: Andalucia Television
    Spain: Antena 3
    Spain: Canal 34
    Spain: Canal Fix
    Spain: Kiss TV
    Spain: M95
    Spain: Murcia Express
    Spain: Solidaria TV
    Spain: Tele+ / Andalucia
    Spain: Teleasturias
    Spain: Television de Galicia
    Spain: Torrevieja TV
    Spain: Tosiriar TV
    Spain: UPV TV
    Spain: URJC

    Italy: Canal 7
    Italy: CBL Film
    Italy: Cinquestelle TV
    Italy: ETV
    Italy: Ibiza on TV
    Italy: Idea TV
    Italy: La9 Sat
    Italy: Lo Zoo in TV
    Italy: Piu Blu
    Italy: QOOB TV
    Italy: Retesole Perugia
    Italy: RTL 102.5 Hit Channel
    Italy: Sky TG24
    Italy: Tele 90
    Italy: Tele Nord
    Italy: Teleromagna
    Italy: TRG
    Italy: TV Parma

    Mexico: Canal 53 Unal
    Mexico: Grupo FM TV
    Mexico: Monte Maria
    Mexico: Video Rola

    Thanks for your Work in Advance.


  11. Please more channels fron Brazil. Hungs. Leonardo Assis

  12. @lisapower
    RTVCE and La Otra links seems to be dead, I have to fix them in the new version or otherwise remove them. Thanks for the notice.
    Let's see if the channels you've given supported by netTV.

    @Leonardo Assis
    Ok, Sir. Will try to bring more channels from Brazil.

  13. it would be nice if you will ad the tv station I work.
    It is a romanian Tv Station
    for questions ask me at druidul@gmail.com
    Nice app... my Fav

  14. DID someone have the parametrers for VOIPover3G to use nettv with 3g connection.

    tks in advance

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Hi Boss ! We are a Cable TV and OpenTV developer and want to put our channel in your aplication, this is fantanstic ! Plese be em contact !! my mail davi@digilab.com.br regards.

  17. Congrats!!
    Dear Boss: you can put more chilean channels?, cause the channel exist only Canal 13, its a good channel.Please join more channels, this its the webpage for the principal.


    The others Chilean channels, like Senado or colo-colo no body see, only canal-13

    may be you can put the option to add mms or rtsp signals.

    Thanks a lot! Great app!

  18. Hi Arqdmin,
    Could you get me the mms stream of TVN. It seems that it only works within Chile. You can try the link below on Windows media player or VLC to get the stream:

  19. we have a channel through the Internet in Brazil and put on your playlist? please contact email radialistaadriano@yahoo.com.br

  20. Please add more Thailand stations
    *1 Free TV Channel 3 mms://
    *2 Free TV Channel 5 mms://
    *3 Free TV Channel 7 mms://
    *4 Free TV Channel 11 mms://
    *5 Free TV Channel TPBS mms://


  21. It would be great if you add the most popular Philippine TV Channel.

    ABS-CBN 2: http://www.hayag.com/edRemo
    GMA 7: http://www.hayag.com/w/mytvko

    Thanks a lot! really great apps :)

  22. Program is no longer on the iTunes, why?

  23. Please, add in Brasil channels



  24. Dear Boss,

    Afghanistan has like 6 channels you can addto net tv which have high demand amongst Afghan commnity. Channels are Ariana, Ariana Afghanistan, Noor Tv, RTA, TOLO, Patam-e-afghan. If you can add all or most would be appreciated. Thank you.


  25. The channel "Ariana" that you have is not working. Oh and the last channel I posted was spelled wrong, it is Payam-e-afghan. Thanks again.

  26. Can user customize the channel list?

  27. Please put channels from "PERU" and I will buy the application for my IPHONE

  28. Hi Boss
    We You can put the most popular brazilian spiritist channel: mms://plenus4000.com/tvcei1
    Contact me at joseval@gmail.com

  29. (sorry for my english)

    I have buy NetTv,

    but why the best channel is only for 3GS ?!?

    I have iphone 3g , and (italy) the mediaset channels are all black with only sound and no image !!! With the "3GS" simbol

    If I knew, do not buy this application ! :( :(

  30. Please add more Korean channels like:

    SBS (needs fixing)
    MBC (needs fixing as well)
    KBS 2TV: mms://special.ktcdn.com/H_1tv

  31. Great app bur why no update since 16.6.2009?
    Still more dead channels than working.
    Please add a search function for all channels.
    Also a rating function would be nice.


  32. Please, add in Qatar channels


  33. Please add Vietnam channels

  34. @Hiep
    I've added some Vietnam channels.

  35. Dear Boss

    I really love your apps and thank you so much for having created such an amazing apps to everyone in the world!!!!!!
    I really enjoy watching TBS and rest of Japanese programs as I'm a Japanese person living in UK who was always wondering how to watch Japanese programs in UK. Thanks to you!(*☻-☻*)
    I was wondering if you could please add more Japanese channels like Fuji TV, Nihon TV, TV Tokyo, TV Asahi and popular channels like these.
    You're already my hero, but I'll be the happiest if you could please add those channels above.
    Thank you so much for your great effort and kindness!!

  36. Hello Boss. Hope you're well.
    I've noticed that one of Japanese channel TBS hasn't been working foe last 2days, and this's one of my most favourite channels, so could you please have a look? Thank you so much!!!!!!